Revitalize and nourish your dry skin with the winter skincare guide by Parasoft

New Delhi (India), November 28: Winter Season is here and so is dry, dull and dehydrated skin. Most of us will again use moisturizers and body oils to prevent dryness but that is not enough. Our skin doesn’t need another layer of oil or hydration over it, it needs hydration and nourishment from within so that dryness doesn’t arise in the first place.

With so many products and brands in the market claiming they are the best when it comes to Winter Skincare, it naturally becomes confusing for consumers to know what is actually good for them and why. Well not anymore because Parasoft has created a winter skincare routine which you can simply follow to take care of all the dryness the cold brings you this season.

The routine goes as follows:
1. Use Moisturizing Bathing Products:
Hot water baths take away natural moisture from the skin. Normal soaps and shampoos itself take away skin moisture thereby doubling the rate of dryness. Use soaps which are meant for moisturizing. Parasoft has specially created it’s own soap bar to increase skin hydration with the help of Glycerine, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.

For people who suffer from dandruff and excessive hair-fall in winters, a moisturizing hair shampoo or gel is a must. If you do not find a hydrating hair gel in the market, you can purchase Parasoft Shower Gel from easily.

2. Use Body Milk and Lotions which are made of Natural Ingredients:
Natural oils are better for the skin and are softer on the skin than chemicals. Use Body milks and lotions twice on the skin. For ease you can apply the lotions after bathing and before sleeping to maintain a routine.

Parasoft has consciously created their body milk and emollient lotion with choicest of natural ingredients like Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, Natural Oils like Europaea Fruit Oil, Gratissima Oil and rich with Vitamins B3, B5, E while being alcohol free. Being soft on the skin and completely natural, the lotion and milk are a must have for your winter skin care routine.

3. Use a Good Winter Care Specialist Cream:
Most often we use a regular day to day cream for our skin. General purpose creams are not meant to protect the skin against dryness in all seasons. In winters using a cream specifically meant for dry skin and made with natural ingredients should be the number one priority.

Parasoft white cream is the best seller winter cream on online portals like Amazon. The cream is rated as the best cream for winters for a reason too. Based on Aloe Vera this cream is doctor recommended to use to not just treat dryness but naturally hydrate the skin for all kinds of environmental harshness.

“Winter is time where we wear so many clothes but still our skin loses the most hydration. This is because cold is harsh on the skin. Using just abut any cream or chemical rich creams is bad for the skin. This is why we have carefully created our entire range using natural ingredients which have targeted action. I am sure that anyone who follows our winter routine will never feel dryness or skin irritations due to cold or chemicals. This quality is our promise.” Said Mr. Ajay Kakar, the director of Salve Pharmaceuticals who have created the Parasoft Range.

If you want to adopt this routine and care for your skin then you too can start using the Parasoft range of products specially their white cream for dryness. Parasoft products are available on most online portals like Amazon as well on their own e-commerce platform

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