Meet the 2019 Kainchi Dham Visitor, Who Finds Inspiration in Steve Jobs and Purpose in Up-Skilling Students Via His SOYTIL Platform

Bangalore (Karnataka) [India], April 1: Smalan Varghese, a passionate first-generation Indian entrepreneur, launches SOYTIL, a microlearning upskilling platform to empower the learning community worldwide. The platform is making a severe buzz among school and college students of 8-21 years of age through its convenient 15-minute study modules and live workshops.

SOYTIL, alias School of Young Talent in Leadership, is the brainchild of entrepreneur and author Smalan Varghese. Born and brought up in Aizawl, India, Smalan has penned a self-help book titled ‘2049 Elite’s Secret Apple’, which talks about the importance of Failures and the road to achieving greatness through perseverance and having a vision.

SOYTIL’s formation came into existence when Smalan went on a spiritual solo journey to the Kainchi Dham Mandir in 2019 to find his true self and the purpose of his life. According to him, the visit has been transformational in realizing the meaning of his existence. After Steve Jobs & Mark Zuckerberg, Smalan Varghese, too, found the vision to build something great.

He imbibed much experience in the educational field from his previous position at Unacademy as the Senior Manager and with NGOs like the Gandhi fellowship and Save the Children. Rooting on his work experiences and personal insights, he conceives and launches SOYTIL.

Established in 2020, the SOYTIL platform provides easily accessible 15 minutes-learning modules on various in-demand skills that are otherwise not taught in mainstream schools and colleges. SOYTIL understands the necessity of learning Financial Literacy, People Skills, and Entrepreneurship to survive and fly high in the 21st-century competition and has, thus, realized a platform to cater to the students.

The form of teaching/learning in SOYTIL is bite-sized slide decks and live workshops. SOYTIL understands that the attention span of the current generation has significantly decreased, and this bite-sized content is the best possible learning tool for them. Upon completing the SOYTIL course and clearing the SOYTIL proficiency test, the student will earn an ISO-certified certificate of proficiency.

SOYTIL primarily provides content in three major categories and a total of nine subcategories. The three main categories include Boost Financial Literacy, Master People Skills, and Build A Start-Up. They are particular about not keeping any restrictions regarding the content or the subscription period; thus, all the members are provided lifetime access.

SOYTIL positively differentiates itself from the rest of the learning platforms in multiple aspects. The highlight among them is its commitment to bridging the void that the students may face in terms of necessary hard skills and soft skills. SOYTIL is the only start-up that enables school and college students to master hard skills like financial literacy, entrepreneurship, etc., and soft skills like communication, empathy, emotional intelligence, growth mindset, confidence building, etc.,

Within just two years of its conception, SOYTIL changed the learning nature of the online learning community. It is estimated that SOYTIL modules have an impressive completion rate of 90% compared to an average of 5-20% for the traditional platforms. The fact that even people who were not fortunate to avail of formal education could use SOYTIL for learning adds to the scope of the platform.

The founder shares his vision: “There are still a majority of the people who feel the education or learning stops at either school or college. The last two decades have seen a drastic change in the way we carry on our lives. Has our education changed much? However small be the change, the objective was to make a difference.”

The disparity that would possibly exist between the students who have undergone the SOYTIL child transformational journey and the regular students would be day and night. The students who gained proper training in hard and soft skills will run ahead of the rest of the lot. Parents need to ask themselves the last time they were able to make their children aware of financial literacy, basic communication skills, public speaking confidence, etc. The very fact that the lion’s share of children is unaware of such skills, adds to the scope of an expert and comprehensive solution like SOYTIL.

The team at SOYTIL strives to realize its founder’s vision to make a difference in the learning community. Smalan Varghese also shares and cherishes the dream of building an Online to Offline (O2O) school which beholds the same values and fundamentals of SOYTIL. He also put forth genuine efforts in collaboration with various NGOs to support underprivileged students who are not in a position to afford SOYTIL membership.

The SOYTIL team intends to incorporate advanced technology like Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality into their classrooms very soon. SOYTIL is indeed laying a stepping stone to more advanced and inclusive schools to come in the future and bridge the unfortunate gap between the current educational system and the required skills of the real world.

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