Young Socio-Economic Entrepreneur Khanak Hajela Revolutionizes Financial Literacy at Grassroots

New Delhi (India), August 22: In a remarkable feat of ambition and dedication, Khanak Hajela, a young and dynamic entrepreneur at the age of 12, embarked on a mission to democratize financial literacy, catalyzing a transformative movement in the domain of economic education. Through her innovative approach and steadfast commitment, Khanak harnessed the power of technology to impart financial knowledge and empowerment at the grassroots level, enhancing understanding of often misunderstood financial concepts.

At the core of Khanak Hajela’s journey lies her ingenious utilization of the ubiquitous digital platform, YouTube. Recognizing the vast potential of this medium, she initiated her mission by launching a YouTube channel dedicated to disseminating fundamental financial education. Focusing on topics universally relevant but frequently overlooked, Khanak delved into subjects such as the World Bank, unraveling the misconception that it constitutes a solitary entity rather than a consortium of five distinct institutions. Various episodes of her channel include the origin of banking, understanding swadeshi, online payment methods, Arthshastra concepts, Origin of money, Government of India financial schemes like Jan Dhan Yojana, online frauds etc.

Bucking the trend of pursuing virality and high view counts, Khanak Hajela championed a more grounded approach. She used YouTube as a virtual storage system, meticulously curating her content to serve as a lasting resource during her grassroots training sessions. This fusion of technology and in-person engagement heralded a paradigm shift and her videos are used at various banking kiosks for training purposes helping thousands of people throughout India via more than 30,000 banking kiosks of all major banks. A beacon of her grassroots initiatives, “GupShup with Khanak,” works as a conduit to bring financial literacy to local communities. Through interactive sessions, she demystifies intricate financial concepts, rendering them accessible even to those unfamiliar with the intricacies of finance.

A testament to her unwavering dedication is her impressive record of over 173+ consecutive weekly episodes dedicated to financial literacy, including insights into Hinduism. She has created a record for uploading a maximum number of such videos on financial literacy by a teen, as registered by the India Book of Records.

Khanak Hajela’s influence transcends digital boundaries. As a prominent participant in the Global Investor Summit – Indore, she contributed her insights to high-level discussions aimed at economic growth. Moreover, her participation in growth-oriented dialogues alongside the industry minister of Madhya Pradesh further underscored her commitment to societal improvement. Looking  to her  individual efforts  and  dedication Khanak is now being appointed  as the brand  ambassador  of the Indian government scheme – “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao“

Recent accolades include her video release on the “e-rupee,” a futuristic currency that remains largely unknown to 99% of the Indian population. This endeavour exemplifies her dedication to illuminating emerging financial trends and fostering awareness in her audience.

Khanak Hajela’s journey as a young socio-economic entrepreneur serves as an inspiring testament to the potential of youth to effect transformative change. By utilizing technology and education, she has significantly narrowed the chasm of financial illiteracy in society. Her work is a guiding light, exemplifying how the concerted efforts of determined individuals can create a more knowledgeable, empowered, and prosperous future.

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